Mr Wentz

Eseosa Ikponwosa is a contemporary photographer, who focuses on story telling through street photography. His brand ‘Mr. Wentz’s focal point is starting a conversation with the everyday man by creating a connection with familiar outdoor settings.

His photographs are not restricted to the usual bounds of Nigerian photographic categorization i.e. weddings, parties and music events, although they play a part in his process. He takes it a step further and highlights the juxtaposition between the subject and street life.

Demola Fashola

"Demola is a creative photographer living for the next beautiful moment. One could say that he is a victim of his own gift. A constant creative, Demola spends a lot of time on the quest for mastering image-making. With a vibrant energy and a dedication to an easy-going work environment, he prides himself on providing the best possible service to his clients. When he is not questioning the meaning of life or being a self-deprecating hippie, Demola enjoys sitting way too close to the TV, consuming as many genres of music as humanly possible, training for the Nigerian Olympic team in the sport of eatingand trolling the internet for the next source of inspiration."



Instagram: @demolafashola

Twitter: @iconicDemoe

Alistair Englebert Preston

Alistair Englebert Preston is a creative photographer. He specializes in a style of photography which consists of colorful and energetic imagery. He is also an awesome wedding/event photographer. Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business, he believes that great creativity is often the result of working closely with his clients. Based on planet earth, Alistair and his cameras are ready to create outstanding visuals for you. In his spare time, Alistair reads a lot of comics and cycles or plays football to burn off the excess energy his body produces from storing solar energy from the sun!. 


instagram: @aep_photography