A Skate Park. Sand .New Beginnings ( summer sessions with Clique)

Summer 2017 was therapy. A lot of the time, we put on a brave face and pretend like our struggles don't exist . Maybe it's pride or maybe it our way of forgetting our issues for even a little bit. Pretense or not, life is messy. There are ups and downs and times where the "downs" seem To outweigh the "ups". To push-on, is a measure of resilience and the refusal to accept what has become a less than favorable status quo. In that reselience, you find your value . You find your confidence and most importantly, you find self-love.

This summer session pohotoset with Clique ( IG: @createdbyclique) captured a moment in time right before my trip back to Nigeria . I'm cleaning house in all aspects of my life and it's so beautiful. 


I've come home, back to myself and I tell you, I've missed being this brave. 

     Photography By Clique 

Denola Adepetun5 Comments