I always thought that I had a good handle on myself. I knew what I liked, I knew who i was, my reactions to certain situations etc. I was very wrong .The uncertainty that comes with adulthood is unparalleled . I realize that as uncomfortable as it might be to not have it all figured out, It is quite necessary. 

Over the past two years I have experienced a new kind of awakening. You go through the fire, you come out all brandished sharp and anew. Piece by piece, brick by brick, you start to build your house again. You sum up all the parts that make up the whole.I don'thave all the answers just yet. I know this for certain, I go with my gut and I trust and depend on myself.So far that has led me somewhere unexpected and new my heart and mind aflutter with exhilaration.
Maxmillian, Osi and Oroma's pug,crashed my shoot. It was delightful
Photography By Ola Ebiti
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