My Best Friend: Part 1

I look at my friends and can’ help but feel favoured. They are a reflection of the things I am and hope to be. Unfortunately none of these things will be of use to me in a zombie/AI/alien apocalyose so...
— Sonia
Friends are people who know you really well and like you anyway
— Greg Tamblyn

I think the really beautiful thing about having the kinds of friends I have is that in them i have found different parts of myself that i have grown to love. To some extent, they are part of me, and I a part of them . At least, I hope so...
— Denola

Sonia and I have been friend for about 10 years and best friends for about 7. We fight. We make up. In the end we always come back together. I love you Schmoo. Heres to many more years of  just getting it and going with it.

These pictures were taken in London, United Kingdom on a fun Sunday evening by a dear friend. Demi, you're a rockstar.

Photography By Demi. O
Denola AdepetunComment