Casj & Other Short Stories

I rekindled my love for Chelsea boots earlier this year. During my stint in New York, I had a pretty decent boot collection. From less-than-functional suede ankle boots, to heeled cuban boots, I was a master "boot strutter". Sadly, when it was time to move back to a more 'tropical' climate, I had to get rid of them; including my fur coat ( which is another sad story i'd rather not get into now). Anyway, my brother convinced me that I could wear my chelsea boots in Nigeria so I ended up buying two pairs earlier this year. THEY ARE EVERYTHING! THEY GO WITH EVERYTHING. IM IN CHELSEA BOOT HEAVEN. Capturing my excitement and love for Chelsea boots is the ever lovely Toyosi Kekere-Ekun© with Ademide joining me on this shoot.
Photography by Toyosi Kekere-Ekun
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