DapMod x Denola Grey : A Very DapMod Affair

"Our core customers are cool, fashion savvy, trendy, chic and in style. At DapMod we focus on the latest trends in eyewear Fashion and make it accessible to and for everyone. " - C.E.O DapMod

DapMod is an eyewear brand based in Nigeria. Asthe only Nigerian brand ( At least to my knowledge)specializing solely in eyewear, its popularity is increasing. I was lucky enough to getmy hands on a few Dapmod pieces. I got together with the very talented Alistair Englebert Preston (work here) to shoot a mini campaign. The pictures turned out great! Check it out below! Bisous!

P.S you can follow Dapmod on IG/Fb and twitter- @dapmod
Photography By Alistair Englebert Preston
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