Healthy Options By Ted: A Healthy Challenge

Heres the thing about me, I love food! Not in the traditional sense of stuffing my face with every and anything in sight, its more of cravings and indulging in junk food . I mean for a whole year I had at least a pint-a-day of Rock Road!! Im still skinny though . I don't know how and why thats still the case but praise be to the most high for that!. I am basically the unhealthiest skinny person you would ever meet.

About a week ago, ( does the schmoney for a hot second) my dear friend Temidayo challenged me to healthy eating for five days; to which i responded , á la Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother," CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!" .Temidayo runs a nutrition and lifestyle business called Healthy Options by Ted which basically , as the name suggests, provides its subscribers with healthier meal plans and delivers tasty , healthier meal options to their home or workplace.
Temidayo and I earlier in the year at a Traditional Nigerian Wedding

Temidayo and I earlier in the year at a Traditional Nigerian Wedding

I chronicled the five days of my challenge. These are the meals I had:
Day 1: I got sent a Salmon Quinoa Salad which was über delicious. I've never really been a salad fan and always thought that I didn't need it because I was already skinny, but boy was i wrong. It tasted great and was surprisingly filling. Wish I had a dash of tabasco sauce though ( is that weird)?
Day 2: My morning got a little fancy! I got sent a Strawberry and Granola parfait; which for all intents and purposes was meant to be healthy, but I ended up throwing in a couple of M&M's in it ( i know ! i'm terrible) . For Lunch, I had quite literally the BOMBEST salad ever!'Ted's Spicy Chicken Salad' was amazing. With red beans , sweet corn & just enough zing to tickle my tastebuds, I am definitely making an order for round 2!.
Day 3 : Started off with a Fruit Salad and a dollop of yoghurt. Had a turkey salad for lunch. Spoke with my friend Temidayo. I was concerned that i was losing weight by only eating salads and she quickly corrected me and said the goal isn't to go an a diet. Its about substituting healthy options with healthier options. Like brown wheat pasta instead of white pasta. I was told to add more protein to my diet. That definitely made me happier
Day 4: Another one of my faves. My strawebrry-banana smoothie was the best! . Iced and blended to perfection, it was akin to having a nice mellow and super healthy sorbet!! Lunch was exciting as i had a grilled chicken and guacamole wrap in whole wheat tortilla bread. I basically had a healthy Fajita!
Day 5: The final day of my challenge.I'll stop being cheap and subscribe fullyto healthy options. I got my Sweet Chili Salmon Salad ( say that ten times fast)and a huge cup of freshly squeezed pineapple juice. That combo is amazing. Everything about lunch was fabulous and went into a mild depression after it was over. I devoured the salad so fast!.

Overall,I noticed that after each meal, i felt a sense of contentment. It wasn't about alleviated hunger, it was more along the lines of " oh wow I'm full and all I put into my body is actually good for me" . I'm glad I accepted thechallenge and I have actually incorporated a few of those meals into my diet! My name is Dénola Grey and I am a recovering junk food addict thanks to Healthy Options By Ted.

If you are interested in improving your diet/meals , for Healthy Option By Ted's services, you can email them: , Call: +2347046334528 or visit their site: @healthyoptionsbyted and Twitter:@healthy_ted BBPIN:7C1C0E61 & Facebook: Healthy Options By Ted. Try them out . You wont be sorry.

Thanks Temidayo! you are such a fabulous gem! Im a convert!