The Unintentional Pre-Wedding Shoot

This is my friend Zina. Zina is a fashion entrepreneur. Zina is great. Zina ispretty freaking awesome. Today is also Zina's birthday.Ok, enough with the awkward short sentences. Zina and i decided to get in front of the camera to do a blog post together, because, why not? Now, maybe because we are such great friends who actually have great on-screen chemistry as well ( watch our show; "EXPLORING), but our pictures actually came out looking like a pre-wedding shoot. Either way, we ain't mad at it. Happy birthday Zina. Wishing you the best year yet!Check out all things Zina HERE. Shot by the talented Demi. O, here is our "Unintentional Pre-Wedding Shoot". 
Photography By Demi O

Sunset Synergy: A Moment Captured By A Smartphone (Part 1)

One of my favorite things on the planet is a sunset. I think sunsets are universally beautiful. They are the heavens' watercolor on our busy canvas, marking  the end to yet another day. No matter where I am or what I'm doing, even if i don't "stop to smell the roses", I always stop to watch the sunset.  I teamed up with my favorite London-based photographer Ola Ebiti to capture some moments at sunset. The shoot was inspired by a Vogue magazine editorial that was shot solely with a smartphone. For this shoot, we used a Huawei P9 Plus smartphone  with a camera built in my German photography savants; Leica. I was initially  apprehensive about how the images would turn out , but magic happens when a talented photographer uses competent equipment. The first look was a Peach Jason Porsche suit that has fast become a favorite. Still obsessing on the camera quality of this phone!

Photography By Ola Ebiti